LiveWire Collaborative provides digital marketing solutions to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits, addressing the critical problem of limited online visibility and engagement.

We deliver comprehensive online strategy development, social media audits, and targeted marketing campaigns, harnessing technology to boost brand awareness and meaningful connections.

Our training and event production services further enhance the online prowess of our clients, liberating them to concentrate on their core competencies.

With our expert assistance, organizations can break free from digital obscurity, magnify their reach, and amplify their message.

Business Services

Angela Pitter LinkedIn Consulting

Fuel Your Business Growth with Expert Digital Solutions

Amplify your digital impact and achieve your business goals with our comprehensive suite of services designed for mid-sized businesses. Our expert team will help you navigate the digital marketing landscape with the following:

  • A robust digital marketing strategy
  • Conduct insightful digital audits
  • Provide in-depth competitive assessments
  • Match your business with optimal social media platforms
  • Create a memorable brand
  • Devise fool-proof social media policies

We give you the insights and tools to outshine your competition, attract more customers, and safeguard your brand reputation online. Finally, our customized Social Media Training empowers your marketing teams to excel on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

For LinkedIn, we offer specialized services, which include corporate branding, employee engagement, and sales enablement. Take your digital marketing to the next level.

Non-Profit Services

Angela Pitter Digital Marketing

Ready to power your mission with a dynamic digital presence?

We understand your passion and transform your digital challenges into powerful tools for change. With innovative Digital Marketing Strategies and comprehensive Digital Audits, your cause shines brighter. Our engaging Content Marketing, distinct Branding, and perceptive Social Media and Email Marketing echo your unique mission.

We empower your team with LinkedIn training, turning them into digital ambassadors of your cause, while our LinkedIn fundraising strategies amplify your community of supporters.

Together, let's ignite your mission online, creating a digital footprint as potent and impactful as the heart of your nonprofit.

Professional Services

Angela Pitter LinkedIn Consultant

At LiveWire Collaborative, we empower ambitious executives and consultants to maximize LinkedIn's potential as a strategic business growth tool.

Our comprehensive suite of services, including Executive LinkedIn Profile Optimization, LinkedIn Coaching and Training, and our unique LinkedIn 'Done For You' Service, are designed to enhance your brand visibility, attract high-value clients, and drive impressive sales.

By leveraging striking visuals, compelling headlines, and meaningful content, we transform your LinkedIn profile into more than just a page—it becomes a dynamic marketing asset and a strategic tool that accelerates your professional growth.

If you're ready to unlock the full power of LinkedIn and accelerate your professional development, schedule a consultation with us today.

Speaker, Podcast Guest

Angela Pitter LinkedIn Training

Ignite, inspire, and inform your audience with Angela's high-energy digital marketing seminars and training.

We tailor our interactive workshops covering LinkedIn, Zoom, social media, and more for marketing teams, boards, sales teams, and professional membership organizations.

Whether you seek a keynote speaker or need an expert for a multi-hour workshop, Angela delivers custom-tailored programs to meet your goals.

Are you ready to supercharge your event and create a lasting impact?

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