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Paul Geiger

Paul Geiger

Public Speaking Advisor and Presentation Expert

Angela wants to make your online presence unique and consistent.

Her clear and concise recommendations really pulled all of my social media platforms together.

Angela always has her eye on the changing social media landscape. She doesn't miss a trick!

I keep in touch with her to this day because we all need experts to guide us through the right adjustments.

Angela is extremely dedicated and skilled. She receives my highest recommendation.

ts Terry Hall

ts (Terry) Hall

Zen Results Trainer & Coach @ Spirit360.org, an online Spiritual Community + Psychic & Healing Arts School

Before taking Angela's 'Dominate LinkedIn in 7 Days,' LinkedIn was an afterthought.

But Angela's enthusiasm for LinkedIn as a business development platform is contagious, which, combined with her technical, analytical, and pragmatic approach to sharing what works on LinkedIn, is working for me.

My profile views have doubled after implementing about 1/3 of Angela's recommendations. Based on this success, I am expanding my content strategy to include LinkedIn specific content.

Deloris D. Pettis, MBA, CIA, CRMA

Deloris D. Pettis, MBA, CIA, CRMA

Qualified Financial Expert / Audit Committee Chair / Experienced Chief Auditor / Enterprise Risk Management / Governance / Compliance

Angela provided me with exceptional advice on advancing and maximizing my use of LinkedIn and other social media sites. She is very hands-on and was able to clearly walk me through each recommended step.

Her expert advice significantly improved the effectiveness of my job search and increased the number of people I was able to make connections with and how often my profile was viewed.

Peter Tasgal

Peter Tasgal

Food & Agriculture Consultant | AgTech Thought Leader | Financial Expertise | CEA

Angela brought me from a relative novice on social media, and specifically LinkedIn, to someone on the path to being fully entrenched in social media.

Her knowledge of the range of social media tools is second to none and her hands-on teaching style delivers results for business in an extremely short period of time.

I highly recommend Angela and please reach out to me if you have any questions. 

David M. Paradise

David M. Paradise

Consultant | Creative Coach | Family Business Resource Center Owner

Angela is always very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.

Since I am a "low tech" older professional management consultant, her patience with me and her other clients and colleagues in executing her practical suggestions is very much appreciated.

Over the years I've known Angela, she remains available to clarify the many technical software and hardware challenges. For me, this has meant we have gone through a couple more iterations to get things right.

Her assistance with my LinkedIn site is but one example of her tremendous value; my profile is much clearer due to Angela's wise input.

Thank you, Angela! I enthusiastically recommend Angela to one and all!

Afkham Salie

Afkham Salie

Owner's Representative at Ministry of Crab, Nihonbashi Blue, & Carne Diem by Dharshan at CrossRoads, Maldives

On LinkedIn, I rebuilt my brand from scratch, learning how to showcase my talents and transferable skills to attract the right opportunities.

Her advice was invaluable and extremely applicable on an international level.

Angela not only taught the mechanics of LinkedIn but how to use it strategically to build a network of influencers. I went from almost no connections to over 800 in less than 2 months.

Angela was extremely supportive and encouraging, providing me with the confidence I needed to execute all this and eventually secure a dream job. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have Angela behind them will achieve their goals.

Erin Keam

Erin Keam

Homepage Heroine, Shopaholic Support, Podcaster

Every time I connect with Angela Pitter or work with her on a project, I learn something which will boost my presence, improve my engagement, and increase ROI. Angela is able to tailor solutions for my specific situation and offers quick wins as well as sustainable long-term strategies.

Angela is my go-to for LinkedIn, among many other platforms and engagement options. Even five minutes with this woman adds value! Angela is also an entertaining and informative speaker and a ton of fun. Recommended!

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