PowerUp Your Stories with Facebook Live Video


What does Mark Zukerberg and President Obama have in common? Facebook Live of course! Since its global launch April 6, 2016, Facebook Live has taken brands and marketers by storm. In fact, people spend six times longer watching Facebook Live videos than videos that aren’t live which means they also rank higher in the newsfeed.

While the rise of video isn’t exactly a secret, it has been traditionally associated with a high barrier to entry, questionable ROI and a somewhat heavy investment in terms of time and resources. Join this roundtable to see how easy it is to live stream on Facebook and why it is such an important tool for businesses today to increase audience engagement, provide an in-depth look at your brand, and gain more exposure and awareness. Together we will explore:

  • Benefits of using videos for your overall digital marketing strategy
  • Unique requirements for Facebook Live
  • Tips for repurposing video content
  • How To: LIVE Software, Pre/Post Check list, Equipment
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