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Angela Pitter Digital Marketing
Angela Pitter Digital Marketing
Klare Shaw

Klare Shaw

Philanthropy Professional , Strategist, Networker

Angela is a consummate professional and an excellent trainer with in-depth knowledge of social media and great insight. She has shared tips and practices that will get us to the next level. I strongly recommend her skills and ability to communicate clearly.

Cyndy Chapin

Cyndy Chapin

Director of Employer Partnerships at Mass Hire Metro North Workforce Board

Angela presented a "How to Use Linkedin" at our staff meeting as part of our staff development program. There were 24 people in attendance.

Some had never used Linkedin to seasoned users. Her presentation was on point and easy for all to follow. The end result was that our staff now uses Linkedin to promote our programs, training and to engage with employers.

I would recommend that anyone needing to learn more about social media contact Angela.

Maria Plati

Maria Plati

Communications Director, Preservation of Affordable Housing

Our nonprofit organization hired Angela to do an analysis of our social media program and make recommendations for moving it to the next level. From the outset Angela was attentive, clear and engaging. She outlined the course of action for doing the analysis and every step went smoothly. When she came in to present the results of her findings and recommendations, our senior team was impressed with every aspect of the presentation.

First Angela examines all your digital platforms to assess your branding consistency across all. She then did a deep dive into our website to assess its performance and finally, she went through each social media platform evaluating the content, engagement, frequency of posts and gave us a straight-up honest assessment on each count. Her presentation was lively,! - chock full of content from our posts, charts, demographic info, visuals, graphics, images. she had our attention from beginning to end. And of course, she left us with a "roadmap" - an action plan for us to fix the things that are weak, improve those that are good, create new opportunities and chart a course for elevating our social media and building our brand.

Angela is the ultimate professional but she made the topics understandable and accessible. It was one of the best investments in our communications programs we've ever made.

What People are Saying

LinkedIn Consulting

Angela Pitter Digital Marketing

Virtual Event Strategist / Live Stream Producer

Creating impactful virtual events doesn't have to be overwhelming.

With our expertise in event promotion, management, and moderation, we'll help you elevate your nonprofit's online presence.

As an Executive Director, your role is critical, and our service ensures you can focus on what matters - your mission. 

From event promotion, including social media and email campaigns, setting up your online broadcasts on platforms like Zoom, Facebook, or YouTube, to moderating and managing your event, we support you at every stage.

And it doesn't stop there.

We'll set up webinars, multicasting, and even spice things up with broadcast graphics, featured videos, and royalty-free music. Plus, we'll take care of the details like event calendar management, hardware reviews, and post-event wrap-up so you can focus on what you do best. 

Ready to elevate your virtual events? Let's take your nonprofit's mission to a larger audience together. Contact me today.

Rose Arruda

Rose Arruda

Program Coordinator, Mass Department of Agriculture

Any project I have moving forward, I want to make sure Angela Pitter is either leading it or a part of it somehow.

Her expertise, professionalism, and easy manner were a gift and set a precedent for future project teams/leadership.

Needless to say, the 4 day virtual conference with 80 presenters/facilitators and over 400 attendees was a home run...her vision, execution, and seamless leadership. (and she is a lot of fun too!)

Patricia (Pat) E. Spence

Patricia (Pat) E. Spence

Executive Director: Growing Food, Growing People, Transforming vacant land into lush, bountiful Urban Farms.

Angela and her team produced our 7th Annual Urban Farming Conference. This was a 4-day virtual event with nearly 500 attendees and 70 speakers.

Recognizing live events are challenging, Angela set up a daily virtual help desk to ensure our attendees could log in and engage with minimum frustration.

As evidenced by attendee feedback including, "Unbelievable, Brilliant, Positive, Upbeat Every aspect was wonderful", I highly recommend LiveWire Collaborative for the production of your live events!

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