Expand Your Authority and Leverage with LinkedIn & BU Connects (FOR BU ALUMNI)

Is it time to dust🧹off your LinkedIn profile? Have you joined BU Connects, but don’t quite know what to do with it? Whether you're an aspiring business owner, entrepreneur, or corporate executive, LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for generating broader visibility for your brand. But do you know how to truly harness its power? There […]

AImpact Your Business: Revolutionize Your Strategy with AI

AI-Powered Profile Precision: Refining Your LinkedIn Narrative   In the cutthroat digital landscape, carving a distinct professional identity on LinkedIn is imperative. However, articulating a captivating value proposition remains a hurdle for many. Uncover the fusion of LinkedIn with AI technologies like ChatGPT and Bing, aimed at honing your profile’s headline and about statement. In […]

AImpact Your Business: ​Revolutionize Your Strategy with AI

Why AI, Why Now? This panel delves into the imperative of embracing AI in marketing amidst a rapidly evolving digital landscape. With a unique blend of perspectives from seasoned marketers and AI aficionados, the discussion aims to unveil not only the current capabilities of AI in marketing but also the broader strategic significance of early […]

Ignite Your Impact: How to Boost Your Cause with LinkedIn & Actionable AI Strategies

Discover LinkedIn's transformative power, amplified with AI's groundbreaking capabilities for your nonprofit. This session will guide you through crafting standout LinkedIn profiles, building authentic relationships, and mastering content strategies that resonate. The ABC(Attract, Build, Convert) framework, combined with AI's precision, ensures that you not only connect but also engage, inspire, and mobilize. Equip yourself with […]

5 Ways to Unleash Your SuperPowers with LinkedIn (A BU Questrom Only Event)

Boston University students, ready to elevate your LinkedIn game with a touch of cutting-edge AI? LinkedIn is pivotal in creating impactful first impressions, whether you're an undergraduate navigating your initial professional steps or a graduate student propelling into advanced career stages. Join us for a transformative session with Angela Pitter, Founder and CEO of LiveWire […]

LinkedIn for Good – Powering Up Nonprofits with LinkedIn

I'm joining my colleague Gillian Whitney to discuss the many ways nonprofits can successfully utilize LinkedIn. Many of you are thinking about LinkedIn solely as a recruiting platform and never considered the value of networking and utilizing the platform to capture corporate sponsors. Today, I'll share how your network can help you expand your authority […]

Reach Your Prospects Before They’re Ready to Buy

Most of your prospects determine who they’ll buy from before they even contact you. Buyers go to the web and search or seek recommendations from word-of-mouth. Sellers of products or services should become publishers of content appropriate for their audiences and distribute it widely. A panel of marketing communication professionals will help you understand what […]

Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Views With These 5 Hidden Features

  Join us for an exciting and informative livestream that promises to transform your LinkedIn presence! This session, titled "Dee Williams, Audacionaire of Staffingpreneurs Academy Presents: Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Views With These 5 Hidden Features Live w/ Angela Pitter," is a must-attend for anyone looking to enhance their professional visibility and networking potential. 🔑 […]

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